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Thread: Got Milk ?

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    Cool Got Milk ?

    It's been really difficult to find the meaning of this sentence since I'm not a native speaker. I've got to handle a research in english next week with the meaning of some slangs and idioms and " Got Milk? " has been quite difficult to get. All my native e-pals have no idea of what it means.

    You might know it ?


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    Re: Got Milk ?

    All the phrase means to me is "Do you have any milk?".

    Do you think it has another meaning? It isn't an English idiom but might be American.

    Can you post an example using it?

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    Re: Got Milk ?

    "Got milk?" is an example of an elliptical sentence: there are some bits missing. The full sentence would be something like, "Have you got milk?" which is usually a British English construction. As far as I know it's being used as a slogan for an American campaign to encourage children to drink more milk (an American may correct me on this). Advertising slogans don't always follow standard rules of grammar and spelling; in fact, some stand out especially because they use non-standard English. That's OK for an advertising slogan, because an advertising slogan has to be memorable; it's not OK for formal writing.

    A very old British compaign -- way back in the 50s, I believe -- used the slogan "Drinka pinta milka day", which sounds like "Drink a pint of milk a day" (a British pint is about 0.6 litres). In the English translation of Asterix the Gladiator, the circus is interrupted for a commercial break. One of the "adverts" has the slogan "Drinka jara wina day". Backstage, one of the workers is lying on the floor, his face green and sickly, as his friend explains to someone else: "He dranka jara wine before he came".

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    Talking Re: Got Milk ?

    ok, I got it !! a friend of mine from USA explained me its meaning .. so "Got Milk?" is a catch phrase used in advertisements paid for by the dairy industry to get people to buy and drink milk in the United States. The campaign used pictures of famous people with "milk mustaches" in order to encourage milk drinking.

    that's cool .. but I go on hating my English teacher... lol .. She asks us to find out odd words and sentences and we've got to look for it so far distant.

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