Dear all,
I've been reading this forum for ages, but never actually felt the need to post anything. However, now I'm applying for a very important job, and I am seriously worried about my language accuracy. So I'll will be DELIGHTED if you would be so kind as to check my grammar and the style in general. Many thanks in advance!

Dear Sir/Madam:

Leafing through IH website, I have come to know about the vacancy of English Teacher at the DCS. I am very interested in this position, and I believe that my education and employment background might be appropriate for the position. Although I am not a native speaker, I have a five-year specialist degree in teaching both French and English and have recently completed a CELTA course.

I am a strong candidate for this English Teacher job because I have two years of experience of teaching English in Asia. I was an ESL teacher in Hanoi, where I have worked with young learners for two years. In course of my previous job, I designed lesson plans addressing my students' specific capacities. Adapting to young learners' evolving needs, I kept diversifying classroom activities, using various material such as games, pictures, flashcards, storybooks, oral storytelling, cartoons and open conversations about a vast number of topics. Each lesson addressed the needs of various ages and learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic).

As a professional, I have excellent verbal, listening and written communication skills in English. Above all, I am friendly and approachable, and able to create good rapport with students as well as with colleagues. I possess good organization abilities, and enthusiastic and commitment towards my work and responsibilities.

As an enthusiastic English Teacher, I look forward to putting my knowledge and experience into practice. Enclosed is a copy of my resume with additional information about my qualifications. Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to receiving your reply.