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Thread: 68-rhyme-rhythm

  1. matilda

    Talking 68-rhyme-rhythm

    Dear all


    I want to know the difference between (rhyme) and (rhythm). I've read their meanings in dictionary, I could understand their meaning theoretically, but I still can not distinguish their difference in poetries. Please explain it with an example.

    Thanks a million


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    Re: 68-rhyme-rhythm

    Rhythm- the beat of the poetry- the patterns of stress, normally regular to give it a flow like music
    Rhyme- words at the end of the lines of poetry that have simialr sounds

    Here are a coupld of lines of Blake:
    TIGER, tiger, burning bright
    In the forests of the night,
    Rhythm Tiger- stress on first syllable- the repeat gives you the rhythm, which carries onto the next word
    Rhyme-bright/night (same sound)

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