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    it is...that vs there is ... that

    No context provided. Just a sentence on a sheet of test paper.
    _____ is a popular saying ______ it takes an entire village to raise a child.
    (A)There / that
    (B) It / that
    The answer is B.

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    Re: it is...that vs there is ... that

    Both options are equally valid; they have different meanings and suit different contexts.
    For example:
    — What are you reading?
    + An old saying.
    — Tell me more.
    + It's an old saying that it takes an entire village to raise a child.

    That said, I suspect the correct answer the writers of the fill-in-the-blanks sentence were eliciting should've been A, if anything because you can't expect an EFL learner to conjure up — albeit mentally — a whole set of exchanges as a background to a final line of this kind.
    (I am not a teacher.)
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