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    Pre-employment test

    Hi all

    This is my first post on this forum, I did read the rules but if I still did something wrong and break the rules I apologize for this..I'm not sure if I post this thread in the right place.
    I was assigned the Pre-employment test which is an English level evaluating test. and in the final sections I have three images which I have to describe in five sentences each.

    I need some help from native English speaker to correct my descriptions because I'm sure there will be a lot of mistakes, any logical or spelling corrections are welcome

    here is the requirement:
    For each of the following images, using exactly 5 sentences, please describe the image (taking care not to give an opinion on the images just a description).

    here goes the images:

    image 1:

    image 2:

    image 3:

    and the descriptions I wrote for each of them:

    image 1 description:

    1. A cute Robot with a rounded body, two arms and antenna on his head.
    2. He is holding some sort of shredder machine.
    3. A Picture with a flower goes through the machine.
    4. The Robot is spinning the machine.
    5. Machine cuts the picture in a small pieces with the same flower image on each of them
    image 2 description:

    1. A square-like blue tin can
    2. The can is half opened
    3. There is a computer keyboard in the can
    4. The red flash light is shining on the keyboard
    5. The keyboard is only partly seen

    image 3 description:

    1. A pyramid like 3D objects with stairs one side and vertically colored triangles the other.
    2. There are six colors on the painted side: orange, green, red, yellow, cyan, and purple
    3. Painted triangles are not evenly spread, the yellow one is the smallest
    4. A 2 dimensional human figure with 3 dimensional head
    5. The human figure is going up the


    any advice, correction would be greatly appreciated......

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    Re: Pre-employment test

    Welcome to the forum, marner.

    It looks to me like you are asking us to give you an unfair advantage over other candidates.

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