How have your professional experience shaped your current competencies?


As a SAP Business Intelligence consultant my work involves in research, design and development of Web intelligence reports and SAP dashboards. This requires analytical evaluation of ETL schemas, and adapting them to application reporting. Business Intelligence gives business users the ability to track, understand, and manage information within an organization. I have worked with top US clients like XXXX(CLIENT NAME) . My professional experience has significantly helped me to improve my problem solving, communication and decision making skills.

In xxxxx(COMPANY NAME) I joined as a fresher after completion of under graduation in computer science. As a part of initial training I have undergone through the induction program which includes “College to corporate”, ”Behavior skills” and Ethics. These courses gave me the first glimpse of corporate culture. I am assigned to Auto finance department of Capital One after few months of training. I am part of Decision support service team .My role is to create critical reports, which helps the senior management to make faster and better decisions and increase their overall productivity. Daily interactions with various customers and helping them to meet their business needs in turn helped me in improving my communication and problem solving skills.

Over these five years I worked with different clients from various geographies, to mention my work with XXXX(CLIENT NAME) Insurance from past two years in planning, designing and developing Business Intelligence platform as a senior consultant has significantly improved my analytical and leadership skills. In this project I have taken part of lead activities, I assisted team in setting goals and managing the daily activities .Creating project status reports ,developing project plans and target dates. All these activities has given me a scope to understand Project Management, Service Delivery Management and Team Management.

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