Hey, we are creating a surf brand name Iurop in Chile, i want to ask You to help me with checking traduction from spanish to english of our discription:

Iurop is an emerging brand that was born in 2007 and step by step began to position in the local market.
We are producing our line of exclusive products, in which we capture the fruits of our creative process, aware of the reality of our planet and habitants. We are taking the responsability to stimulate awareness of people to live in the peace with our environment and a better world.


2. Enjoying nature and sharing with our friends is what we like to do, we invite you to enjoy good times exploring the benefits and opportunities of our coast through the waves and surf. With us you can explore your abilities, overcome your fears and above all things radically enjoy, but always sure of the security of this wonderful sport. In our surf school you can learn the skills needed to face the waves of our region, and then develop you surf safely and progressively.