Hey guys. I am applying for masters in different universities. I have failed to get the results needed for the masters that I wanted to do, but I was told I can still apply for masters in other unis. I noticed that you guys give really good advice to other people who needed help proofreading. Hope I can get similar help


Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to express my interest tostudy in Reading University as it is one of the best universities in research,with a wide range of specialised MSc courses. Wildlife Management andConservation is of particular interest to me, as I am concerned about thepressure that wildlife is experiencing. Managing and conserving wildlife isvery hard in many cases, because it requires specific types of habitat tothrive and is in danger of extinction. I want to contribute to save theenvironment and wildlife.

I have recently graduated with a Zoologydegree (BSc) from Queen Mary, University of London. During the period of mystudy I developed and expanded several personal skills. The course involvedvariety of field trips and lab projects throughout, which allowed me to improvemy analytical, laboratory and problem solving skills, as well as my ability towork both individually, and in a team. Furthermore, by choosing diverse modulesI was able to expand my knowledge in different spheres of the course, andimproved my knowledge of managing and conserving wildlife.

During my study in QMUL I took part invarious voluntary jobs connected with animal welfare research done by PhDstudents. I assisted in carrying out experiments on 'decision making' in goats,that investigates how animals can recover from neglect and that many of themhave extraordinary memory. Moreover, I volunteered on a farm checking animals’wellbeing. These experiences have given me very practical experience and theyillustrate my interest in the topic, and I strongly believe that they willcontribute to my MSc.

My concern with the environment furtherexpanded over the years, and I decided to try and make an impact myself byvolunteering as an auditor. It involved me conducting a research into all theoffices in the University to find out about their efforts in trying to stay‘green’. I tried to persuade them of the importance of preservation of the earthand made suggestions on how they can become more environmentally friendly andbe more involved with Green Impact*.

Taking into account my good achievementsthroughout the period of undergraduate I was very disappointed to find out theoutcome of my final grades. My dissertation was classified as plagiarised dueto an error in referencing and therefore the whole project was marked down tozero. I had worked hard and juggled an intensive part time job with my studies,which may have affected the ability to give my exams full attention andconcentration.

I also got involved in various activitiesthat allowed me to develop other skills. I was employed by the Russian Embassy,where I learnt to be more attentive to detail whilst working under pressure, aswell as develop my time management. Furthermore, I worked as a pet carriertraining various pets that required a lot of persistence, patience andpractice.

Pursuing in career as a researcher is mymain goal, as I want to contribute to the preservation of wild species. Inparticular I would like to investigate new ways of managing and conservingendangered species that live in habitats that are hard to access such as thehumpback whale. I believe that your University will provide me with a greatopportunity to further extend my academic achievements.
I am aware that my grades do not meet yourrequirements, but I hope that my personal experience combined with my thrivingpassion for wildlife, hardworking and determined character will help you lookfavourably on my application and allow me to pursue my ambition.

Yours faithfully,

Varvara Vladimirova

*Green Impact is an environmental accreditation and awards scheme, bringing staff and students together to enable and showcase positive changes in environmental practice.