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    Could anyone check for mistakes

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to write a simple essay. Could anyone edit it for me, thanks.

    E-mail vs. Telephone

    Nowadays, the most popular communication tools are telephone and e-mail. The telephone was being used in very restricted fields by limited people about 30-40 years ago. It was spreading very fast in 1980s and 1990s, today there is no one couldn't reach or use it, with mobiles being put into service too in the last decade. Although e-mail has entered our daily life in the last 5 years, it has been spreading faster than telephone.

    Telephone has been preferred because you can comminicate with others like you are speaking face to face. But e-mail can do a lot of things that telephone can't. For example, in some countries e-mail has espacially been preferred by some big companies and young people like in my country because of high prices of telephone communication. In spite of possibility real time communication by means of telephone, when someone sends e-mail to anothers, he/she can't realize when the receiver receives it or will receive it. Despite telephone, e-mail is free of charge. Today very great amount of unwanted e-mails which are called spams are circulated around the world. Because of this situation last year Bill Gates offered that e-mail should be charged with very few fee. Athough this idea has been accepted nonsense by many experts today, it could be logical in the future to obstuct spams.

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    Re: Could anyone check for mistakes

    E-mail vs. Telephone

    Today the most popular methods of communication are the telephone and e-mail. Up until about 30 or 40 years ago, the telephone was only accessible to a limited number of people, but by the 1980’s it was widely available. Today, with the advent of mobile phones, it is available to almost everyone. By contrast, although e-mail has only been publicly available for 5 years or so, it is spreading fast and is easily accessible by a large majority of the world population.

    The telephone has retained its popularity because you can converse with others almost as if you were face to face. However, e-mail can do a lot of things that the telephone can't, like sending photographs and written letters with ease. In some countries e-mail is the preferred method of communication as it is much cheaper to use. This has attracted large companies as well as individuals because of its cost saving, especially in the poorer areas of the world. The telephone enables real time communication and you know immediately if your message has been received, which is one disadvantage of e-mail. However, unlike the telephone, e-mail is free of charge and this is a crucial advantage. One of the threats to e-mail is the large amount of unwanted, or ‘spam’ e-mail that is generated. There is a danger that ‘spam’ could cause a breakdown in the Internet network. There have been various attempts to control the spread of ‘spam’. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, suggested that a small charge should be levied on all e-mails, which would have little effect on the ordinary user, but would deter the ‘spammers’ who send millions of e-mails at a time. Although this idea has been rejected at present, many experts believe it could be acceptable in the future to prevent abuse of the system.

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    Re: Could anyone check for mistakes

    Thanks a lot.

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