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    how to use ENVIRONMENT properly?


    I know the main uses of the word environment.

    For example, I work in a nice-friendly environment. Or I try to do my best to protect the environment.

    But, when I think about The political and cultural environment, I do not understand why it is not THE political and cultural environmentS (because in my opinion there are two types environments, political and cultural)

    Also, I was wondering when to use ENVIRONMENTS (PLURAL).

    For instance, McDonalds offer very safe environments for their employees (because they are in different cities, and even different countries, therefore I would imagine it should be in plural).

    On the other hand, how about the political and economic environmentS of developing countries ( because it is not just 1 country)

    Thanks, I appreciate your help.

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    Re: how to use ENVIRONMENT properly?

    You can use the plural in those contexts.

    For examples of words used in a variety of contexts, bookmark the Fraze.It website (click on the underlined link).

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