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    Could somebody tell me?

    Hi ! Every body !

    My name is Li-yang. I am a freshman in Taiwan.
    This is my first time to vist English Language Forum (ESL).

    The reason why I joined this forum is that I want to make
    more new friends here.And the most imporant is that I ache for improving
    my poor English ability,no matter in speaking,listening ,writting and so on.
    But how should I face it with a correct thought?
    Could somebody tell me? In fact,I like English very much,but sometimes I hate it.When I was a senior high school student,there was always a lot of tests.Maybe that is the main reason why I hate English sometimes.

    I hope that the friends here can help me to solve the questions I suggest.
    And well goes an old saying,"No pains,no gains." So I also will learn hard.
    Last but not least,I just want to say:"I am glad to joined the forum and
    I really like you every body."

    See you next time. Bye bye.

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    Re: Could somebody tell me?

    Welcome, Home. You will improve through communicating, and this is one place where you can do that.


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