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“The great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense” –Thomas Alva Edison

This famous quote has inspired me greatly since I was a kid. Like young Edison and his interest in harnessing the power of steam, I was deeply fascinated by computers and the potential they hold, from a very young age. My love towards computers began when I was about 8 years old and my parents gifted me a Pentium III processor. I remember the first time I booted it and saw the neat icons, interface and writing my 1st GW-Basic program on my Windows 95. The fascination towards programming and understanding the working of computers never died down and I took up computer science as a subject both in High School as well as in Pre University degree. Owing to these credentials I got admission into one of the most elite colleges in XYZ, one of the top 4 colleges in our state and top 20 private universities in our country. I opted for Information Science and Technology because I felt it was a fusion of the best parts of Computer Science and Information Systems. I am passionate about research, and this was the primary motivator to pursue graduate education in Computer Sciences.

My training in Information Science department was interdisciplinary. During my Fundamental of computing course, I was part of a group (of 5) project and we developed a two player chess program. We used Graphics.h libraries to design the chess board and pieces for the players. We presented this to the faculty and after Q&A session, we were encouraged to interact with seniors on other graphics based projects. In digital design course I built an infrared light detector to detect intruders. I implemented the circuit on a breadboard with components purchased from a store. As part of microcontrollers and microprocessors class, I was part of a 2 member team and we built a digital counter. For Computer Architecture and Organization course, I was part of a, two member team and we did an in depth review of the Itanium Processor and presented it. In Computer Networks-I course, I presented Hping3 tool for testing our college firewalls and in Computer Networks-II course, I was part of 4 member team which demoed the use of wire shark in network and topology analysis. In our Scripting Languages course, I developed a website using Perl-Tk. During Software Engineering course, I was part of 3 member team. In this initially we used Resource Standard Matrix tool for analysis of C, C++, C# and Java based codes. This was presented by my teammates and I developed a independent tool, to correct syntax errors in C codes and issue smart warning to the users about other potential errors in the C code. We presented this in our class and the tool I developed was appreciated.

All these projects taught me the importance of team work, dividing work, keeping deadlines and other qualities essential to become a leader. All this proved to be of great help when I spearheaded my team into the Intel Embedded challenge 2012 in my 3rdyear, with an image processing project based on Seed Selection using Snake contours detection. We used a camera to take pictures of the seeds as they pass through the machine, to compare the seed’s shape, size, and color with a database of high quality seeds. Contour extraction using greedy algorithm to get the outline of the seeds as they pass through the machine. Though we didn’t get funding to build and demo the system, it was a learning experience for us and gained much exposure in embedded systems. All this hard work paid off when I got selected as a part of a 4 member team from our college for IBM sponsored Smarter Planet. In this project we explored ways to bring technology to rural India and remove age old farming traditions with modern techniques.

For the first phase of our project we were tasked to build a web portal which can be customized to each individual farmer. With my vast knowledge of Html, Css, php, Ajax this was easy task and we were successful in hosting our site on free web hosting services. The actual paper highlighting the main part of the project and use cases is published under IJCA (International Journal of Computer Applications) IJCA - Smart Farming: A Step towards Techno-Savvy Agriculture with myself as one of the co-authors. Our paper also won the ‘Innovation Challenge’ in SRII-India ICESM (International conference 2012) Each farmer is provided with personalized web page and through it, he quickly accesses the rates at which crops are being sold in the nearest wholesale markets. If the crops have to be stored the closest warehouse or granaries are located, the tariffs and the details of the warehouse like storage area, cold storage facilities, closest access point or train yards are given to the farmers. We also provided a queries page where farmers can contact experts and get advice on crop diseases, the pesticides to use, nutrients that are necessary for growing that particular crop.

The second most crucial aspect was price prediction. For this we used a neural network and built a decision support system. I was inspired to use a DSS when I came across a paper by Keith Mathew’s. We used a neural network with 1 hidden layer, 4 inputs and 3 outputs. The inputs for the Neural Network were obtained from processing and extracting, previous decades crop prices, rainfall, irrigation and production details. After getting results from the neural network we used the DSS to better the accuracy of the predicted values. Example: We saw spiked increase in buying of flowers before festivities and we included such factors into the DSS. This task of mining the data from the vast database proved to be challenging task, we were able to host the entire web site on a cloud and demo it in various conferences like I-Care (national level) , Impress-IT (state level), IT-Bitz (state level) just to name a few.

Today I work as an application delivery engineer in Volvo IT. As a fresh recruit in the DCL section, we work on front end applications, right from development to delivery of the finished application. I worked on ASP.Net and we also are trained in the maintenance of the current applications and providing patches and updates. The most challenging task, has been working across groups located at different geographic locations and collaborating with them to provide the best applications.

I strongly believe that computer engineers should be innovative, instinctive and able to adapt new technologies, which is possible only with solid foundation and guidance from good faculties. I not only see myself as a highly successful software engineer working for one of the top companies but also as a significant member of the society by contributing time and money to various causes and charitable organizations. I have always been a quick learner and extremely hard working. These two qualities, clubbed with sound analytical strength, logical capabilities, natural aptitude for mathematics and my motivation to excel, I am confident that The University of X , Y will provide me with a synergetic experience, conducive to the benefit of the system as well as the surrounding. I am interested in research and University of X with its distinguished faculty, state of the art laboratories, multi-disciplinary research in ABC fields and phenomenal industrial interface, offers an opportunity that is sought after internationally. I earnestly hope that you will review my application favorably and grant me admission.