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Topic: Summarize the points made in the lecture you just heard, explaining how they cast doubt on points made in the reading

This passage takes me about 60 minutes with 2 times listening the audio

The materials here hold different positions on the situation that should you run our own business or work for large companies. The lecturer completely disagrees with the idea that there are a lot of advantages when running a business by yourself or working in a small company. His argument is formed around spending working hours in larger company bring more benefits for people than a small one.
First of all, according to the passage, the bureaucracy influences big company negatively, it precludes all the good ideas from the lower echelons to the higher. However, the professor contests this, claiming instead that the large companies always have their own human relation department which combines all the suggestions from the lower ranks through bureaucracy in order to shorten the distance among echelons in the same company. Not only this, but the professor also claims that in the small company, there is a big barrier between individual and boss which make the individual unable to reach the upper management.
In addition, the reading claims that the big problem of large company is prone to huge lay-offs. On the other hand, the lecturer argues that there are seventy five percent of small companies are failed in the first three years and the only one-in-four of them can hold the long-term position. Furthermore, the large companies have the huge lay-offs regularly, but when the economy is better, they can recover effectively and the employees can come back to work with the same work force.
Finally, the reading passage suggests that the large companies eliminate the benefits of individual employees such as medical and dental insurance. In response, the professor says that the large companies always have huge discount from insurance agencies; therefore, the cost of medical insurance or subsidized transportation is cheaper than ones in the smaller companies. In contrast, the small companies do not have the huge discount; so they need receive the benefits from the large organizations.