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    Attitude and communication


    I have noticed that when I am confident I communicate in english reasonably well. Words and sentences come out very easily. But when I am not very confident or when I am not in a very good mood, I can't communicate very well, and I tend to make mistakes.

    I don't know whether It happens only with me or it's natural. If it's natural does anybody knows whether it only happens to a newbie or to an expert of the language as well?

    Many Thanks and Regards

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    Re: Attitude and communication

    It's perfectly natural- I recently had to go to the police in Japan, and it was really difficult.

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    Re: Attitude and communication

    Very natural. When you are relaxed, you are less worried about making mistakes. Ironically (hmm... there's another thread somewhere about irony...) this means you make fewer mistakes -- or at least that if you do make mistakes, they don't make you worry.

    Many people have told me they find it much easier to speak a foreign language after a glass or two of wine. This is because alcohol makes you confident. I don't recommend drinking more than that, though -- you might say something you'll regret...


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