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    Post as cosy as a steel razor-blade

    Hi. I'm a non-native English speaker.
    This is a part of a play, Black Comedy written by Peter Shaffer.

    CAROL: What about the girl in the photo?

    BRINDSLEY: She lasted about three months.

    CAROL: When?

    BRINDSLEY: Two years ago.

    CAROL: What was her name?

    BRINDSLEY: Clea.

    CAROL: What was she like?

    BRINDSLEY: She was a painter. Very honest. Very clever. And just about as cosy as a steel razor-blade.

    CAROL: When was the last time you saw her?

    BRINDSLEY [evasively]: I told you . . . two years ago.


    I can't understand the meaning of this phrase 'as cosy as a steel razor-blade.'
    I would appreciate it if you give me some idea of this question.
    Thank you.

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    Re: as cosy as a steel razor-blade

    Do you know what "cozy" means?

    A razor blade is just about the direct opposite.

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