I have a situation in my story like:
There is a competition in a kingdom. Already a few participants are selected. But before the event begins, the King calls for any last minute entries. A man comes forward. He is middle aged, but appeared to be wise, powerful. Here I am struggling to write the king's dialogue properly. How would the king address the strange person? I tried like:

A monk, clad in white stepped forward from the throng.
“Ah, we have another participant here,” said the King, glancing over him. “However, deep from my heart I have a great honour at you, somehow. Your radiant staff and the bracelet on your right arm, that resembles the token from Wisdhaar cues me that you must be a person of noble birth, bestowed a great power or should you have earned such powers with your enormous efforts. We all want to know who you are and where you are from.”

There seems to be some grammatical mistakes too, you can help me in that as well. But my real concern is how would the King speak "Properly?" What is the right word to address the monk here?