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XYZ is a brand of the atelier, which produces a variety of items, mostly useful. Bags made ​​of natural leather, soft clothes from knitted materials, jewellery, paintings, drawings, caricatures and from time to time various projects in the field of design.

Our products include unique pieces or small series where items are very similar, although not identical. Due to the material, which is leather, each bag has distinctive features like discoloration, etc. Handmade heat-burn motifs may differ in details.

We recommend our made to order bags. You can combine colours, fabrics and heat- burn motifs. It is also possible to send us your own design of a bag.

The bags are made of finest quality natural leather from Polish and Italian tanneries. For those who are eco-friendly we have got recycled leather.

The clothes are made from Polish cotton (100%).

We encourage you to share your opinion about XYZ brand and shop.