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    Talking What I wish for in Life. Almost all

    Imagine how exiting it would be if your wish actually came true. You wanted a BMW and surprisingly on your 21st birthday, you got one from your dad. Apparently, the world is not a wish granting factory( you knew that). I had a lot of wishes as a child but my parents always told me to write down my wishes and look at it as a goal. Recently, I read about this man named John Goddard, who is a world known explorer. When he was 15 years old, he sat down at his kitchen table and wrote three words at the top of his yellow pad, "My life list". Under that heading, he wrote 127 goals which were apparently his wishes. These were not simple or easy goals. They included climbing the world's major mountains, exploring vast waterways and running a mile in five minutes. Since then, he had completed 108 of those goals. This story really inspired me to see my wishes as goals. As the saying goes "nothing is impossible".

    When there are so many wishes, how could I possibly write only a few of them? From visiting other galaxies to simple things like riding an ostrich, there are just so many things I want to do! But, my most biggest wish is to become an inventor and invent the first time machine the world has ever seen. Everyone has always talked about time machines but no one has actually made an attempt to invent it. The main reason I want to invent this particular machine is to go back in decades and centuries to meet historical legends like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Mahatma Gandhi, Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Adolf Hitler and maybe even Osama bin Laden. It's probably a little extreme for some sceptics, but if you think about it, it would be far more interesting to meet these people face to face than to read about them in a book. For instance, instead of reading about Adolf Hitler and how he started World War 2, wouldn't it be more of a thrill to ask him the real reason why he would start a disastrous event because no other normal person would dare do such a thing.

    Apart from the making of the time machine, I would also love to go on a world trip, maybe during my twenties. It would definitely be a dream come true! You see, everyone has only a limited time in this world and if you don't explore the earth during this limited time, it's a waste. Life in my definition just can't be complete without a trip to Hawaii and the Amazon. ALthough I love cities like Los Angeles and New York, but I always have a preference for tropical and nature like places like the Mammoth Hot Springs, Perito Moreno Glacier, waterfalls and beautiful sunsets. If you asked why I prefered these places rather than popular shopping attraction, my simple reply would be, "it's way more peaceful here in nature's creation". Many people miss out on the simple gifts nature offers and tend to shop till they drop. But, I would still love to visit Europe, Egypt and other parts of Asia. Travelling usually gives me a sensational peace of mind.

    Next, like everyone else, I want to become a billionaire one day. Obviously, if I was a billionaire, I would buy myself an island of my own and build a fabulous house on it. Then, there would be lavish furnishing, a huge swimming pool, a full sized jacuzzi, designer clothes, accesories and everything else a person would need. I would also have the latest car models and gadgets along with my very own elephant to take me on tours around my island. And since I live on an island, I would have a private jet to take me to and from the mainland. Of course, money isn't everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen. Most of my wishes need money to make it happen. Usually, billionaires have too much money that they have no idea what to do with it. So, I have made a policy to adopt 2 kids from every country around the world. This was originally Michael Jackson's idea. Sadly, he passed away before he managed to do it and I want to do just that. What's the use of living on an island without any company. I also plan to help poor countries like India and Africa by doing social service like Princess Diana did. My aim would be to end world hunger and poverty.

    These are just three of my most biggest wishes that I hope to achieve in life. But still, wishes are just wishes if you don't write them down as a goal. I really believe that. Sally Nicholas once said "There's no point in having wishes if you don't at least try to do them". They don't exactly happen like that without any effort unless a miracle happens. Or maybe if a leprechaun agreed to grant your wish. Now, wouldn't that be amazing?

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    Re: What I wish for in Life. Almost all

    1. What is your question?
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    3. When are you going to submit this essay to your teacher?
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