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    Question What does "give back" here mean?


    I don't understand this passage well. Could you please help me?

    "Through their extraordinary *efforts* to lead, innovate, and *give back in ways
    * *that make a real impact*, this year's honorees motivate our readers to make a difference in their own communities," said Nancy Perry Graham, Vice President and Editor of AARP The Magazine.

    1. What does "efforts" there mean?
    a. attempts at leading, innovating and giving back
    b. the results of attempts at leading, innovating and giving back (like an iPad)

    2. What does "
    give back" mean? Could you help me change it into other words?

    3. Does
    "in ways" mean "in a variety of ways"?

    4. The phrase "
    that make a real impact", does it mean "ways that make a real impact", or "efforts that make a real impact" ?

    I would appreciate it if you could do me a big favor or point out my mistakes and words that sound weird when I am using English.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: What does "give back" here mean?

    1 a) is close, but it suggests they may not have succeeded, which changes the meaning a bit- they have worked hard to lead, etc.
    2 They have benefited and been successful and now they want to repay their communities by their contributions.
    3 Not necessarily- it just means that they are doing more than one thing that has an impact.
    4 ways that make a real impact

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    Re: What does "give back" here mean?

    These "contributions" could be of their time or their money, or both.

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