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Thread: to bet

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    to bet

    Dear teachers,
    I've got two questions about the verb "to bet".
    1) What's the difference between the use of "to gamble" and "to bet"?, Because in my dictionary the authors of this dictionary explain that they are very similar in the meaning; "bet" is more used in spoken context, and "gamble" is more used in written context or in the phrasal verb "gamble something away"...can you confirm this or be clearer about them and their uses?
    2) I studied these two constructions: "to put a bet on something" and "to take bets on something". Do they mean the same? And do you use them without a particular change in the meaning?

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    Re: to bet

    1. Gambling is the activity in general. A bet is one particular wager. A poker player places many bets during a match. He is engaged in gambling.

    2. I would say "place a bet," not "put a bet." I placed a bet on the #3 horse to win. Or just "I bet on the #3 horse." In this situation it is the racetrack that takes the bets (from all the gamblers and pays out to the winners.)

    Another use of "take a bet" is to accept someone's offer of a bet. Which is what the racetrack is doing in the above example.

    Person A: "I'll bet you $50 that the Steelers win the Super Bowl this year."
    Person B: "I'll take that bet."

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