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    I don't understand the last part of the following paragraph.

    "Yes, he (a young barrister who lives in Figtree Court in London) will come down here in the wet, perhaps," the young lady continued, "with his hat sleek and shining as if it had been brushed with a pat of fresh butter, and with white vapors steaming out of his clothes, and making him look like an awkward genie just let out of his bottle. He will come down here and print impressions of his muddy boots all over the carpet, and he'll sit on your Gobelin tapestry, my lady, in his wet overcoat; and he'll abuse you if you remonstrate, and will ask why people have chairs that are not to be sat upon, and why you don't live in Figtree Court, and--" (Lady Audley's Secret by E. M. Braddon)

    The first remonstrance "why people have chairs that are not to be sat upon" is quite understandable, but what does the second remonstrance mean? Is it saying "why you don't live in Figtree Court? If you live in Figtree Court where I live, I don't have to get wet in order to meet you"? I appreciate any comment. Thank you.

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    Re: interpretation

    I agree with your interpretation. The barrister would be much happier if the person he was visiting lived in the same street or block of flats as he does because he would not get so wet on the way.
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