Hi - English is not my second language so I'm never going to write a perfect essay . I want to write a letter to school district for my son to attend a different school outside our attendance area. I need to write a petition letter to change his school below is what i wrote. Can you please help correct before I submit to school district?

Sub: Requesting to change school assigned attendance (Choice Placement)

To whom it may concern,

The purpose of this letter is to request my son, Alex, to enroll in Evergreen high school instead of our assigned home attendance area. Alex's dream is to become a pharmacist in health care profession. Evergreen is the only high school in Evergreen School District that offers sport medicine and biotechnology classes. These classes will give him the college preparatory laboratory life science and gain exposure to basic health care. Earning a GPA 4.0 from Lindbergh middle school with strong academic in Mathematics and Science, we want to give Alex every opportunity in life to succeed and reach his full potential. We are confident that by attending Evergreen high school, he will become better prepared to face life's challenges and to achieve his dreams.

Please kindly consider our son to enroll in Evergreen. Thank you very much for your kind attention and we look forward to hearing from you. My daytime telephone number is (**).


(**) My Name