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    Post Help correcting resubmitted work

    Write a step-by-step plan of your lesson. Look at the example plan (p7) in module 11 and note the staging. Stage 1. Activity. Interaction. Timing. Stage 2. Activity. Interaction. Timing. Answer: Warm-up: What am I? The warm-up starts by me saying “what am I?” and I begin describing the kind of animal I am. Students will raise their hands when they think they know what I am. S-S, T-S: 5 minutes Introduction: Announce the game of “Dinosaur Danger!" to be played later in the lesson. Ask if the students know the game. T-S: 1 minute Drilling: Using flashcards I ask a question or make a statement and elicit answers. Examples: What is this? This is a cat. How many pigs are there in the pen? There are three pigs in the pen. What do you see? A fish swimming in the river. What does a monkey love to eat? They love to eat a banana. Does a cat drink milk? YES! It does. What does the rabbit eat? The rabbit eats a carrot. Can a bird swim? NO! It can’t. What does a bird do? It flies in the air. T-S, S-T, 6 minutes Plenary: Odd one out The students are provided with a set of three statements. Students should decide which is the odd one out and why. They must also be prepared to justify their choice. T-S, S-T: 2 minutes Lead-in to the game: Explain the rules of the game of “Dinosaur Danger!". Check understanding. Demonstrate: I will hold up a flashcards, students come up with a sentence for the picture. Example: Flashcard (Girl with a dog) “She has a dog.” But be careful of the dinosaur card, the students have to rush to opposite side of the classroom and touch the wall before I can touch the wall where they were previously standing. T-S: 2 minutes Game: The class gather’s at one side of the classroom. I hold up a flashcard and the students have to make a sentence out of it using indefinite articles and basic structures. Example: That’s a bear But when they see the dinosaur card the students have to rush to the opposite side of classroom and touch the wall. As the students rush to the opposite side I have to touch the wall at the side where they were previously standing. If any of the students take longer than me to touch their wall, they are out. (But you rarely need to enforce this rule as the students will just enjoy the rushing to touch the wall on the opposite side.) T-S 8 minutes Follow-up Activity: Fly swatter Place words on wall/board. Divide class into relay teams for a relay race. Give a clue “I like to eat a banana”. The student in front of each line goes to the word wall/board and swats the correct animal. T-S, S-T 5 minutes Homework: Students will write a short paragraph about their favorite animal and why. T-S 1minute Comments and what to fix above submitted work: This is a good attempt; however I'd like you to resubmit: You need to think of a game to practice vocabulary of animals in one of the mentioned structures e.g. 'They are cats' or 'I have a dog' - Remember - your students only know basic structures: “This is a…”, “These are…”, “I can see…”, “I have…”, and personal pronouns. - Have a look at the example given in the task guidelines to help you with the stages. Note the game is introduced in stage 8. Students need to practice vocabulary of animals and the structures they need for the game in the stages leading up to stage 8. Please resubmit. You need to add the game – you don’t need to change all of your submission. When adding a game make sure that your students adequately prepare for it, that is practices the target structures/vocab, and that it is fun!

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    Re: Help correcting resubmitted work

    We don't correct assignments.

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