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    Please rate my IELTS essay out of 9 band

    Topic: In today's society both western medicines and traditional, complementary forms of medicines are now widely known and used. The effectiveness of these kinds of treatment is determined by the patient's mental attitude towards it.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience. (Write at least 250 words)


    Any type of medicine whether a western or traditional has its own advantages and disadvantages. Though some medicines are more effective while others less, the purpose of all the medicines is to treat the patient. I personally believe that any type of medicine if taken under proper guidance will benefit the consumer, irrespective of it being the western or traditional. It all depends on the persons thinking towards it.

    Nowadays because of rapid growth in medical field, number of new medicines are coming in a very short period of time. People generally don’t have that much knowledge about each medicine that comes in a market. It leads to the confusion and finally people go with the traditional treatments that are already proven and used widely. Going by the traditional method they feel safe and it generates a positive flow within their mind and which in turn helps them to recover faster.

    On the other hand, because of the advanced technology and research, its possible to cure and treat some of the diseases that were not possible to treat with the traditional methods. Not only the major diseases but research has proven that fever, cough, cold can have types like from pollution, from food and so on. So going by traditional method which was unable to distinguish between the actual cause may take patient longer to heal, but if patient's mentality towards the traditional medicine is more positive than some of the modern medicines available then patient would choose the traditional way and it may heal him/her faster than some of the modern medicines available in the market.

    So to conclude, patient's mentality plays a very important role on the effectiveness of the treatment the patient is undergoing.
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