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    Prounciation question regarding "yoo" sounds

    Hi there,

    I have been a lifelong English speaker, but had some issues that I've mostly ironed out over the last 3 years. However, there's still one more issue that I'm not sure if it is an issue. This is regarding the "yoo" sound on words/phrases ending with "yoo".

    Examples include "thank you" (kyoo ending) and "excuse" (skyoo ending).

    For "yoo" endings, I tend to substitute the "yoo" with a kinda "il" sound. (Thank you becomes "thank kil" and Excuse me is "excuskil me") However, to my ears, the difference is subtle and I was wondering if the mispronunciation is big to native speakers.

    Attached is a voice memo of me saying "Thank you. Excuse me. I don't want to hear any more excuses from you. Thank you" just now.
    Could you please give it a listen and tell me if it sounds off to you?

    Thank you so much!

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    Re: Prounciation question regarding "yoo" sounds

    You are not pronouncing 'kyoo' with a 'kil' sound.

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