I want to write this reply email to our supplier against outstanding statement.
"We have received your outstanding statement dt. 31-07-13. Please view the following mentioned details.
S. No. Date Invoice Total Amount Remarks
1 04-07-13 4038719 479,000.00 Short Delivery item no 4 Chromic Gut 0 90CM GS24 x 12 Amount 96,000/-
2 18-07-13 4039355 3,321,000.00 wrong delivery also send back to you through ("ABC Transport Company" Inv# 15191" Amount 80,000/-)
S. No. 1. We have received short delivery please send us remaining items as soon as possible. For your reference please find the attached scan copy of your inv# 4038719.
S. No. 2. Wrong delivery, We adjust that transportation invoice No. 15191 amount 80,000/- against outstanding. For your reference please find the attached Transportation inv# 15191.
Mr. Mark