Please, can someone correct my e-mail? It's for a potential Phd position:

Thank you for your reply. I am also sorry to have delayed my response but I was working in the organization of a congress that was taking a lot of my time. April 2015 isn't that late to start my Phd, since I would like to finish my research and we are expecting it to be over in a year and a half. However, if I really decide to continue on my research, even after my master thesis is over, this would mean that I would lose the deadline for admission in most PhD programs. Therefore I'm only going to do this if I will be able to get good results to publish my work.
Either way, I'm going to start looking for scholarships. Maybe I can get one and wouldn't need to wait until April 2015 to join your lab. Again, thank you for your reply.
My best regards,

Thank you!