I study in a high school for adults and I have volunteered to teach anyone with difficulties in learning English. I have already taught a few classes and it's been really fun and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I teach on my own, without virtually any supervision, and I decide my own agenda, so I don't know if "tutor" or "teacher" is the right term. You can decide that for yourself.

The reason I'm writing all this is that the students are expected to have something like B2 skills (writing, reading and listening, but not speaking), and I feel that the older students have something like A2 or B1 skills. I don't have much time, and I can't get the students to learn on their own. They simply rely on the remedial classes for learning.

Summa Summarum: No teaching skills, I'm alone, I have 2-3 students, and I have about 10 to 15 lessons to upgrade their skills from A2 to B2. Speaking skills are irrelevant.

Any advice how to pull this one off? What would you do?