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    application for scholarship


    I'm goingto apply for a scholarship for my master study program and they want me to write about my intents after the program is completed!!

    can you please check the following out and correct my grammatical and syntactic mistakes?

    "The duration of my master degree is 2 years (September 2013-December 2015).

    During this period I intend to be in constant contact with the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf (OMKE), the deaf community in general as well as the Association of Interpreters of Greek Sign Language (AIGSL-SDENG). This cooperation will be essential for the future researches and surveys that I will be conducting for my master degree and they will have as object of research GSL, Greek deaf culture and interpretation as a cognitive and psychological process.

    I would like to offer the results of these researches and surveys along with the development of my professional skills both to OMKE being the umbrella organization of the deaf clubs all over Greece and to private sign language schools. Some of these schools may already have an interpretation program and possible want some further theoretical guidelines or don’t have any interpretation program at all and would like to start one. It is worth mentioning here that the existing interpretation programs of some private schools are being held by the same interpreters with no theoretical background and are based on personal experience and points of view which most of the times reflect the interpreter’s own opinion on an issue and is not objective. I hope that the knowledge and experience gained from this master program will create strong foundations for such initiatives since there will be many mistakes avoided because the pattern have been tested and the possible problems have been successfully solved in relevant programs outside the Greek boarders.
    In addition organizing seminars (one day seminar- conferences) with subjects regarding sign language interpretation programs, code of ethics, interpretation in different settings (e.g. medical, educational settings) is another goal that I hope to fulfill in cooperation with AIGSL-SDENG. These seminars will benefit not only professional interpreters existing members of AIGSL-SDENG -but students as well. The lectures of these seminars are going to be held in cooperation with professors and colleagues from all over Europe and USA that will try with my help to adjust their experience and knowledge to Greek interpretation reality.
    I hope that the above mentioned goals will trigger the professional development through self –evaluation for experienced interpreters, strong theoretical based interpreting programs for students and access to equal to the hearing communication rights for the deaf community."

    thank you in advance!!
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