I am trying to write a motivation letter for my application for the University of Tilburg. So far, I have written a short piece about my international background and one about my international drive and motivation. If you could read and react, it would be very nice!

I was born in Diessen and moved to Oirschot at the age of six. There, I went to the Paulusschool, one of the local primary schools. When I was thirteen years old, I went to the Jacob Roelands Lyceum in Boxtel, which can be seen as the equivalent of the english grammar school. At the moment, I am in my last year of gymnasium, also called 6VWO. My best subjects are mathematics and the languages (English, French, Latin and German). In the fourth grade I recieved my FCE-certificate and I recieved my CAE-certificate this july. Since my school provided the English Plus (cambridge) class, they decided to take us on a trip to Cambridge. There, we stayed in small groups with our host families and we took courses at the university. Most of my family lives in het Netherlands and a few members live abroad in countries such as: the USA, in New Zealand and China.

My family and I are really interested in cultures and so we have travelled to countries such as Italy, Thailand, Sweden and France. In Thailand, where we went this summer, I started to learn Thai with the help of our local tour guide Aoi Phuangdokmai, who is still supporting me through e-mail and social media, while I help her learning the Dutch language. I aspire to see a lot more of the world and to learn more languages to be able to communicate with more people. Next summer I will be attending a 4-week course arranged by EF in New York, to improve my English skills.

Thank you!