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    Please correct obvious mistakes in the tale. Google cannot help

    1. Once upon a time there lived a holy man who prayed a lot.

    2. And it seemed strange to him, why is it so happened that people go to church, pray to God but still live all just as bad as before, sins are not decreasing.

    3. "Lord, - he thought – do you really not answer our prayers?

    4. People are constantly praying to live in peace.

    5. Are their prayers in vain?"

    6. One day with these thoughts, he fell asleep.

    7. And it seemed to him that the Angel lifted him up high above the ground.
    8. As they climbed higher and higher, getting weaker and weaker the sounds coming from the ground.
    9. No more human voices were heard, the songs died away, screaming, all the noises of the life of this world.
    10. Only occasionally reached harmonious gentle sounds from somewhere like the sounds of a distant flute.
    11. - What is it? asked the old man
    12. - This is the holy prayers - Angel replied, - only they can be heard here!
    13. - But why do they sound so weak? Why are so few of these sounds? For now, all the people praying in the temple?
    14. Angel looked at him, and his face was sorrowful.
    15. - Do you want to know? Look .
    16. Far below could see a large temple.
    17. Miraculous power opened its vaults(своды), and the old man could see everything that was done inside.
    18. The temple was full of people.
    19. The large choir could be seen inside.
    20. A priest in full vestments stood at the altar.
    21. It was the service! What kind of service - it was impossible to tell, because no sound was heard.
    22. It was seen as standing on the left choir clerk read something very quickly, fingering his lips, but the words there, up, did not reach it.
    23. Slowly walked the tremendous growth Deacon, opened his mouth wide, and no sound.
    24. The choir regent gave notes prepared to sing the chorus.
    25. "Oh, choir, then, perhaps, hear " - thought the old man.
    26. Regent's arms gave a sign to start, but still complete silence followed.
    27. It was surprisingly strange to watch the regent waved his arms, stamping his foot, raising his head, all had their mouths open, but there was no singing. "What is it?" thought the old man.
    28. He turned his eyes to the worshipers.
    29. There were a lot of different ages and conditions: men and women, old men and children, merchants and ordinary villagers.
    30. All of them were baptized(крестились?), bowed(кланялись?), many whispering, but nothing was heard. The whole church was silent.
    31. - Why is that? asked the old man.
    32. - Let's go down and you will see and understand, the Angel said and they slowly, being invisible went down to the most visible church.
    33. Smartly dressed woman standing in front of the crowd prayed.
    34. The Angel approached her and softly touched her.
    35. Suddenly, the old man saw her heart and understood all her thoughts:
    "Ah, this nasty pochtmeystersha! she thought. Again, a new hat! Husband is an addict, children are beggars…"

    36. Nearby stood a merchant in a good cloth coat and looked thoughtfully at the iconostasis.
    37. The Angel touched his chest, and he immediately opened his secret thoughts: " What a shame! Too cheap goods of that now would never buy! Not otherwise a thousand lost, and maybe a half "
    38. Next was seen a young peasant boy. He almost did not pray, but kept looking to the left, where there was a beautiful woman. Angel touched him, and the old man read in his heart: "Oh, and good Dunjasha! . That would be such a wife! Will go or not to marry?"
    39. And the Angel touched many people, and they all had the same empty thoughts. Standing before God, but did not think about God. Only pretended to pray.
    40. - Do you understand? asked the Angel. - Such prayers do not reach us. That's why I think they are all just mute(безмолвны)
    41. At that moment, suddenly the child's voice distinctly said:
    “- My God! You're good and merciful, save, have mercy, heal the poor mother! …”

    42. In the corner on his knees, leaning against the wall, there was a small boy. His eyes were full of tears. He prayed for his sick mother.
    43. The Angel touched his chest, and the old man saw the child's heart. There was sorrow and love.
    44. - “Here are the prayers that can be heard in heaven!” the Angel said.
    45. Thus our insincere superficial(внешние)prayers do not come to God.

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    Re: Please correct obvious mistakes in the tale. Google cannot help

    Welcome to the forum.

    I think you have misunderstood how this forum works. For a start, your post is far too long. We are all volunteers here, doing this in our free time. We expect users to ask one question per thread and that question should be about a specific aspect of the English language.

    Did you write all these sentences? Have you taken them from somewhere else? If the latter, you must give your source.

    Why did you think that Google would help you with these sentences?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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