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    What can be done for the handicapped?‏

    The handicapped people include comprise of inividuals who have multitude disabilities.Visual impairment,confinement in wheelchairs or critical mental problems are counted some of the disabilities they have .In our society ,those people cannot live cosily because of many defficiencies in their social,business, educational lives and medical services.In order to provide a better living for those people,governments and the people must unite and work together.To begin with,handicapped people have difficulty in transportation or walking around .Because everything is designed to meet normal people's need .For example, building's entrance can be too narrow to enter for a person obliged to wheelchair.Or stairs cause hardships to move for those people.In order to solve this transportation problem up ,all the structures must be designed assuming that every individual either the hadicapped or not has access to them comfortably.Furthermore,ramps must be made on the road and all the transportation vehicles (buses,trains ,planes)must be built properly for them.Also there must be voiced mechanisms to tell which destinations they are founded for blind people.
    Secondly, the handicapped have difficulty in finding employment to makr their living.They are looked down on and neglected because of their disabilities.But still they form our society and they have intelligence and skills enough to work in a job.Hence ,the governments take charge of this problem and employ those people and offer a special work environment equipped with the materials easing their duties.
    In the third place,the handicapped must be insured by the government and so they must benefit from medical treatments by paying low amount of money or nothing.What is more, the doctors taking care of them must be high qualified in their proffesions .And the handicapped people must feel secure and they do not need to apply to private hospitals.
    In the forth place ,special schools must be erected for those people and so they have access to school easily Also being together with the people sharing the same destiny make them feel more safe .Furthermore ,there must be particular teachers trained for those people .Staterecompense must recompense all these implematations .
    Another important thing is the increase in the awareness.We ,as a society,must be aware of our values and the people creating them .We must not look at those people as if they were alien .On the contary, we must be sensitive and help them feel relaxed and part of society .If necassary ,we must be trained in schools or civil organization about how to communicate with them.
    In conclusion,the handicapped must not be seen as obstacles.Of course, they have obstacles in their lives.Thus we must regulate everything from ground up.We must facilitate their living by creating job oppurtunities ,bettering the education, health,transportation conditions and raising awareness.In order to achieve all of these , we must colloborate with government.
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    Re: What can be done for the handicapped?‏

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