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    Technical Writing Issues

    I am doing a course in Technical Writing. Recently I went through a test on Microsoft Technical Publications(MSTP) in my class.
    We were asked to: "mention the reasons for their faultiness" as well as "to rewrite the sentences according to MSTP standards". Out of 100 questions asked, Some questions I found it
    difficult to answer. Mentioned below are those questions. Kindly help to answer these questions.

    1. When you delete an item from the table, all of its assigned values are automatically deleted.
    2. Do not enter your name if you do not want to receive the quality notification.
    3. It is vital for security reasons to choose a password that only you know; If you do not know how to change you password
    follow the steps in the instructions on the logon screen.
    4. When calculating, the external process is assigned by the system to the cost component using the origin indicator P. The cost account form
    which the external activities are to be debted and the activity cost type.
    5. Check the device adapter card port signals.
    6. When the system is bogged down, you get a message.
    7. Page forward after entering the address.
    8. The vendor charges tax on the invoice. If you purchase goods from another state.
    9. If you want the functions copying plans, storing plans seperately, and complaining plans, you must create plaanning versions.
    10. In basic versioning, the version number is 1, in enhanced version, the version number is the year and month of issue.
    11. The account assignment category will determine how the system assigns accounts.
    12. The project team has the responsibility for handling the upgrade of the system.
    13. It is possible to generate a documentation list.
    14. If you are not able to view the Security log, your user account does not have sufficient user rights.
    15. The issue you must address is the calling routine's request for additional user rights.
    16. The inconsistent data could be in any table. All master data is stored centrally but some transaction data are stored in the buffer list.
    17. All participants are enjoying the course but some participants are enjoying the breaks even more.
    18. The customer invoice has already been activated.
    19. I lost my security card. How do I apply for a new one?
    20. You defined the necessary product categories.

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    Re: Technical Writing Issues

    I don't know what you are asking us to do here. I can only see a question in #19.

    If you are asking us to "mention the reasons for their faultiness" as well as "to rewrite the sentences according to MSTP standards" we need to know what those standards are.

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    Re: Technical Writing Issues

    Right. I have many years of experience as a writer and I can see how I would reword some of those, but I don't know what this course would call the "official" problem with them or exactly how it recommends rewriting them.

    How did you answer these questions?
    I'm not a teacher, but I write for a living. Please don't ask me about 2nd conditionals, but I'm a safe bet for what reads well in (American) English.

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