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    Summer photo essay

    This is my summer project and I want it to be perfect, I don't have enough time because I received the assignment really late and I want to make it perfect, please fix it for me and send it as soon as possible! PLEASE!!!

    Veritas Acdemy Soha Ahmed
    Class: 101 8/30/13
    9th Grade Personal Photo Essay
    Everything was blurry. My hair was messed up, my throat was dry, I stretched when I got up. Then something catched my eye. Oh no! It was 11:30 am. I was late to school! It was the first day of 8th grade, and I was late! I ran to the bathroom as if there was a tornado behind me. Ah! I felt salty water in my mouth. Oh no, I was crying as usual and with that I was brushing my teeth. I was extremly scared. I didn't want to be late on the first day! Knock! Knock! "It's me! Wait one second!" I said in my teary voice. "Soha! You didn't go to school today?" I started crying even more when my mom asked me that. " I do, I'm late!" I opened the door and ran to my room. I went to get my clothes, and...OMG! There was a stain on my shirt! Oh god, everything was going wrong on this day. I wore it anyways, I didn't have any other shirt. I ran to my school since it was only two blocks away.
    I was running out of breath, but I kept running until I crashed into a lady with coffe and then... "Wake up Soha!!! Don't you have to go to school!" I opened my eyes, and there I was in my bed, my sister who was getting ready for her school, was yelling at me. Oh, thank god! It was just a dream or I rather call it a nightmare. But I was still nervous for the first day of school. I am always nervous on the first day of school. Meeting new teachers, getting new books, making new friends, meeting new classmates is just too wierd for me. I don't like to forget old stuff and get used to new stuff. Just like that I am scared for the first day of high school. I am going to a new school where I will meet new teachers, new classmates etc. But that's not the real reason why I am so nervous and scared. The real reason is that I will meet new conflicts, new challenges and harder challenges. I am totally ready to accept any kind of challenge but I am afraid to fail. I want to work really hard in high school. I had a good history in middle school but I want to get even better in high school.
    I have many hopes and fears for high school. Like I said before, I am always scared on the first day of school because I have to leave my old memories that I got used to and meet new things. However my fears are nothing in front of my goals for high school. My hopes/goals for high school are really big. I want to suceed in every single subject, I want to complete all the assighnments and achieve perfect scores, I want to be come the valedictorian, and I want to graduate with as many credits as possible. Whenever I get scared of the thought of going to high school, I just remind myself about my hopes for high school. I want to work really hard in high school so I could get into a really good college and get a good education so I can achieve my goal.
    My goal is to become a successful doctor. There are many reasons why I want to become a doctor. First reason is my parents. I really want to make my parents proud of myself. My parents have many expectations with my elder sister, Maham. She has done really good in high school and she has gotton really good grades on her report card. Sometimes I feel bad because I feel as if I am not as smart as my sister. My parents always compliment my sister so I get the passion to work even harder. Second reason is my family. My family thinks that I am just a kid and I just say it as a joke that I want become a doctor. But I want to prove it to my family that I am not any less than my sister.
    However, my goals are not that easy to achieve. There are many complications on my path of education. My parents are very influential. They want me to work hard and become something. They think I am young so that's why they don't support me much like they support Maham. I guess I have to work hard like Maham and get better grades than her, maybe then they will support me. But there are still complications like a road which is filled with pieces of glass and somehow I have to pass through to get to the good side of the road where there is only peace. I have to do house work everyday after I come from school. Every day when I come back from school I always have a lot of house work and after completing that, I have to start my school work.

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    Re: Summer photo essay

    Welcome to the forum, Sweetsoha.

    We like to help when we can, but we don't help with assignments. Your teacher wants to know what you can do, not what we can do.

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