I have to admit that commas and independent clauses are often a challenge for me, and I would value some comments on these:

Participants of the action learning group study their everyday operations and are actively looking for opportunities to learn.

  • The role of the team coach is to support the group to reach its goal and ensure security for learning.
  • If you feel that certain values and principles should be followed by the team and individuals should act accordingly
  • If you would like to promote a coaching culture and spread it as good practice across the organization
  • If you would like common values to turn into behaviours and try them in a secure environment
    If you would like participants to further develop cooperation and would like to build on it in the future
    If members have a common project , and their learning experience can be improved by regular reflection and learning from it

    They all come from a workshop I was attending.....

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated