Dear Teachers,

Kindly reply if it is right to write on our invitation card "relax at leisure". It is a card to invite customers joining company's anniversary. There will be shows, refreshement and snack served by waiter during the party, as well as several booths of main course meal.

During the first half of the night there will be a high light show and a few performances. After that, there will be light music perform by a band for the whole night until end of program.

What program details should be written on an invitation card to inform customers that they could relax and have refreshement, snack and main course as they wish during the party and enjoy the music. Can we use "end of program" at the time we finish our party? Can we put "Bon voyage" after the word "end of program"? If "Bon voyage" is not the right word, kindy advise what the most appropriate word is?

Thank you very much for your kind assistane.