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  1. Gilles

    Exclamation English Grammar

    Dear Teacher.
    English is not my mother tongue since I am a francophone. I am experiencing difficulties with respect to the subjonctive. I would appreciate your reviewing and correcting the following sentences for me.
    First example:
    "It is important that the wine is not chilled" or would it be preferable to say:
    "It is important that the wine should not be chilled " ?
    Second example:
    present tense: It is important for me that I improve my english.
    pas tense: Last year I suggested to my son that he impove(D)(*) his english
    (*) is the "improved" written correctly ?
    Thank you very much for your time.
    My e-mail address is
    [email protected]

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    Re: English Grammar

    Welcome, Gilles.

    Rule: . . . important that someone DO (bare infinitive verb) . . .

    [1] It is important that the wine (not) be chilled.

    [2] It is important to me, personally, that I improve my English.
    Note, According to my teacher, it is important for me to improve my English.

    [3] Last year, I suggested to my son that he improve his English.

    Note, the word English is a name, so it should be capitalized.

    All the best.

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