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    I know the usual meaning of "status" because I have consulted dictionaries but I couldn't find any meaning of "status" which I always have seen on facebook and some other social networks. For example: we may see "update your status" and "my status" where we can write anything we want on kind of those websites. I want to know what "status" used on those kind of websites exactly means. I think it means "opinions or thoughts". Because we can write/express our thoughts on it. Am I correct?

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    Re: status

    It simply means "current situation". There is a box on Facebook called your "Status Update". It is simply where you post, if you wish, whatever is happening at the moment. It might say "Just heading off for a long walk in the country" or "Terrible hangover today, but it was a great night". It can be your emotional status, physical status, location status, or anything you want. It doesn't have to be your thoughts or opinions although those fit perfectly. You can ask a question in that box too (ie "Who thinks I should paint my sitting room bright red?) It can be a fact. For example, this morning, mine was "Hurrah! My cat hasn't vomited for 24 hours!" (Believe me, at the moment, that is something to celebrate.)
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