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    Best Advice Essay Help Please! Any help will be greatly appreciated


    The essay below is on the best advice I have received; if anyone can help at all, it will be greatly greatly appreciated!

    Best Advice Ever Received
    Throughout my life, I have heard many free advices, many advices that have been helpful throughout my 14 years in the world. Choosing the best is definitely hard, but the best I have ever received would definitely be from a friend of mine and he said, “If you never shoot, you will never score.” This is the best advice I have received because it explains many aspects of life.
    “If you never shoot, you will never score,” is the best advice I have ever received because it gives a message. The message it gives explains life; if one does not try, then one does not succeed. That is a simple rule of life and I have grown to accept that fact. This advice applies to me, because sometimes I am afraid to ask questions, but generally if I have a problem, I think about this and come to the conclusion that if I never ask, I will never get an answer, and this personally helps me do something that can help me personally whether it is in academics or anything in general.
    Another reason it is the best advice is because it encourages me. In a way I feel this is one of the best advices because it encourages me to do something I really want to do. If I want to go and ask someone to play soccer, it gives me a mental strength and encourages me that, maybe if I ask there is a chance, but if I do not ask at all, then I do not have a chance at all, so this piece of advice makes me do something or ask someone something that I am not sure if I should.
    It is also the best advice because it makes me self-actualized. Whenever I think about it I do not care about what other people will think about me, when I ask something that they find weird or when I do something that they personally find weird. When I dance, I think about this quote specifically; I do not think about other people and how much fun they will make of me, all I think about is now is the time, and I feel self-actualized, which in my point of view is a great quality.
    This advice also applies in the sports I like to play. I like to play basketball, and when playing basketball, I would remember this advice while playing basketball because it plays a major role in the game. If I feel shy and think I would not be able to score the basket I will never try, and that will automatically lead to failure. Since I have heard this advice, whenever I play basketball I always try to score, I do not think of people, audience, I think of myself, and the basketball, because at that very moment I know that if I will shoot then I at least have a chance to score.
    “If you don’t shoot you will never score,” is undoubtedly the best advice I have ever heard because it explains one of the rules in life. It applies to me because of the situations I get in like asking questions, playing sports or even feeling self-actualized. This is important because I feel everyone should try something even though there is a chance of failure.
    Total Words: 560

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    Re: Best Advice Essay Help Please! Any help will be greatly appreciated

    I have moved this to the Editing and Writing Topics section again. Please don't post whole essays in the Ask A Teacher section.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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