I am trying to make a statement of porpose letter, but I need it to be corrected, so please give me a hand to correct my essay.. Feel free to give any correction.

When I was a high school student, I didn’t like physics. I always wondered why we have to remembering all of physics’ equations to solve any problems of physics rather than understand it from the fundamental concept. So that I couldn’t get and was not satisfied by this method and my score in physics was the worst of other lessons. It happened in my hometown school. But I was still wandering and interested in physics, because I was sure that there must be another way to understand physics, so that I chose physics to study in college. Since I had entered physics department in my college, my mind was changed. In college, we learnt deeper than what we got in high school, and how to solve the equation was not to remember all of physics equation so that I get good mark. Here we were wanted to understand physical concept at any problem and wrote it down in math equation based on physics concept. I have begun to like physics.
In my college period, I almost always got good scores, so that my GPA is not bad, 3.61, and I even graduated with cum laude predicate. It was certainly different from my high school period. I ever attend a national olympiad for science, and I took Physics. I attended it twice, and in the second time, I was succeeding to go to Surabaya, Indonesia, to be one of finalists of Physics for national level. Olympiad made me know that fundamental concepts and mathematical bases are very important to understand physics. So when time to do my thesis came, I decided to make thesis based on theoretical physics.
My thesis entitled “Simulation of wind speed effect to fall velocity of raindrop” is about how wind speed affect on falling raindrop. When I was doing my thesis, I searched many theory about atmospheric. Since that time, I was interested to learn about it deeper. My lecturer also said that in Aceh, Indonesia, where I use to be live, there are still few of people that understand about weather well and suggested me to continue my study in master degree later. I began to search much information about atmospheric physics program for master degree, and read the description of the program, what will we learn, what about the course, etc. By learning atmospheric physics, we can try to regard climate change, greenhouse warming, air pollution, the ozone layer, control or modify weather phenomena, and make long-range weather forecast. This is a great issue not only in our country, Indonesia, but also world’s problem. In Aceh itself, although it is not a big city, pollution and unstable weather begin happen. As I searched, I can conclude that in atmospheric physics program we will learn much about atmospheric dynamic that is related to weather and climate change, and it can be described and predicted by making model and simulation. Hopefully next time when I graduate from master degree specializing in this program I can contribute much in my home town to attempt solving the problems and will teach at my previous campus specialized in this field, because there are still few people too who understand atmospheric physics there.