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    Numbers and Photo Album

    I am teaching numbers 1-100 to 3 (I don't expect much), 6, 8 year olds in Japan (in family home) - and they have done a few times but are still doing counting up for the digits when playing bingo so that's not symbolic understanding and therefore more of a struggle. Any thoughts on games, teaching patterns to encourage their symbolic understanding.

    My mother in Australia (an ex-school teacher) sent me a photo album of me with family (some deceased) in Australia, Japan, scenes in Australia, me (young), my wife etc. I have not talked much about me.

    She is very keen for me to show it to their parents then if its acceptable the children I'm teaching.

    Any thoughts about whether its sensible?

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    Re: Numbers and Photo Album

    Why would showing family photos not be acceptable? Students love it when you share aspects of your life with them. It's also a great way to teach family relationships. As for them being deceased, your photos of your family members are when they are alive, right?

    As for the numbers, get the kids moving as much as possible. You can stick numbers round the room and say things like "run to number 5" etc. I advise you to chunk the numbers; don't teach 1-100 all at once. Also it gets quite repetitive if you ONLY focus on numbers, mix it up a bit. Spend 5-10 minutes playing number games (build up their knowledge slowly) and then move onto something else, like family relationships?

    Good luck

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