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    Looking for relevant idioms

    Please help me to find the relevant idiomatic expressions for he following two expressions:

    1. When someone is trying to advise you to do something and s/he is
    not doing that thing her/himself, you tell her/him that if it is better
    and there is some benefit in that thing, do it yourself.

    2. When it is the insiders themselves rather than outsiders who stir
    the situation and make the situation coplex and complicated and people
    say " See................................"

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Looking for relevant idioms

    1) You might say, "You should practise what you preach". In AmEng, "practice".

    2) I can't think of an idiom to match exactly what you describe. Such things are sometimes called "internal machinations".
    There is a term commonly used in Australia to mean the undermining or weakening of an organization by insiders – "white-anting".
    It refers, of course, to the eating away of the insides of wooden objects and structures by white ants (termites).
    "Years of persistent white-anting contributed to the Labor Party's loss at the recent elections".

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