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    affirmative and negative answers(1)

    Could anyone tell me about followings?
    (1) May I smoke here?
    (a) As affirmative answers to the above sentence, the following
    words are correct?
    -Go ahead.
    -Yes, of course.
    -Yes, certainly.
    -No problem.
    -By all means.
    -Why not?
    -Yes, you may
    (b) As negative answers, the following are correct?
    -No, I'm sorry.
    -No, you may not.
    -I'm afraid you can't.
    -I'm afraid not.
    -I guess not.
    -Absolutely not.
    -Certainly not.
    (2) Can you drive me home?
    (a) As affirmative answers to this senence, the followings are
    -Yes, of course.
    -Why not?
    -Yes, I can.
    -I'd be happy to.
    -I'd be glad to.
    -No peoblem.
    -With pleasure.
    -By all means.
    (b) As negtive answers to the above sentence, the followings are
    -I'm afraid I can't.
    -Cerainly not.
    -No, I'm sorry.
    -I'm afraid not.
    -I guess not.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: affirmative and negative answers(1)

    Positive reply to "May I smoke here"? may be "be my guest" or yes you can.

    I wouldn't say "Yes, you may" To my mind it sounds like a cocky reply.

    But for the rest ... I think that 9 out of 10 replies are good!

    Kind regards

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