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    talking books” program

    This is about a volunteer program, “talking books” program. Is it done by a recorded book or special players? If so, what does a volunteer do?

    4) If you enjoy reading, you have a
    skill that is easy to share. Community shelters often have children who are as hungry for fun stories as for a meal. Libraries and children’s hospitals may love your offer of story time. On a more personal level, you can read to an elderly neighbor or someone who is blind. Also, look for a local organization that may need readers for a“talking books” program.
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    Re: talking books” program

    "Talking books" are usually for the blind or sometimes for people with a reading disability. Someone reads the book aloud and it is recorded onto tape (analogue/digital) meaning that people can buy/download the recording and listen to the book instead of reading it.

    In the UK, members of the public can volunteer to record newspapers and magazines but the recording of books is usually done by professionals or actors.
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