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    serve people with disabilities

    This sentence structure is weird. I don't get it. It might be a typo or miswritten. Does "serve" have two objects, people with disabilities, and recreation programs ? serve people with disabilities, or serve recreation programs? Or is "recreation programs" connected to "posted at"?

    5p)If you love sports, you can share your athletic talent and passionas a coaching assistant in sports or recreational activities. “Help Wanted” signs are often posted at volunteer organizations thatserve people with disabilities, or recreation programs for kids from low income families. They often seek volunteers to help out with swimming, basketball, soccer, or other recreational activities.
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    Re: serve people with disabilities

    I think it sounds natural and native, but I do agree with your second hypothesis, that "recreation programs" is associated with "posted at"... (and you're right, it is weird: English is highly permissive of mixed frames of reference, multiple levels of logic, motley assemblages of objects, and so on... I know a "program" is not a place, and neither is an "organization," but English allows that sort of thing. Compare: the Drug Enforcement Administration, which sounds like it's making sure Americans are taking their drugs properly.)
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