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    Talking some lyrics of "The Lion King"

    I am Peggy. I am a newcomer here. I bought tickets for musical "The Lion King" , and I am going over the lyrics of it these days. Then I've got some questions on language. I cannot understand some paragraph like below sentence in blue. So I post here for help. Thanks in advance.
    Seen in all the herds Shh, not a sound
    Moving down the rank and file Take it slow
    To near the bottom rung One more step
    Far too many beetles are
    Quite frankly in the dung Then pounce!


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    Re: some lyrics of "The Lion King"

    We have dung beetles, which lay their eggs in dung, but the song is implying that the beetles are in the dung, which is a polite way of saying in a mess ("in the sh*t), I think.
    If you look here, you'll see tat the lines are separated and someone else says the 'Then' part:

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