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Thread: Blue Bottle

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    Smile Blue Bottle

    A week ago, a teacher asked us to look for the meaning of a variety of words and abreviations in english. At first, I thought it would be easy but then I got desperate. It required me a lot of help from my e-pals but I got almost all of them. "Blue bottle" still remains blank on my sheet. Does anyone know its meaning ? There is no sentence where these two words could be replaced in, since the teacher gave no example where it could be fitted.

    Im greatful 4 ur help !

    NandoAR -Brazil

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    Re: Blue Bottle

    Hello NandoAR

    Try this:

    One kind of bluebottle...


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    Re: Blue Bottle

    Ah, well, the only Blue Bottle I know of is (the name of) a fly.

    Oops. Sorry, MrP. Didn't see you there. I've Sponsored links in me blind spot.

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    Re: Blue Bottle

    Blue Bottle is a fly which breeds in decaying organic material and makes buzzing noise when flying. Probably this word is used negatively (Something annoying?).

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