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    Unhappy gerunds

    Please Help!!

    My English Teacher Is Working With Us On Diagramming Sentences That Have Gerund Phrases. I Am Not Having Fun Right Now I Am Not Really Understanding This. Can Anyone Help Me!!

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    Re: gerunds

    Welcome, Andrew.

    A gerund is a noun, so it can go anywhere a noun can go. That is, it can function as a subject, an object, an indirect object, and as a subject complement, but never as a verb. For example,

    Subject: Swimming is fun.
    => "Swimming" is a gerund. It functions as the subject of the sentence.

    Object: I like swimming.
    => "swimming" is a gerund. It functions as the object of the verb "like".

    Grammar Trick: gerunds can be replaced by the word "what", like this,

    [1] What is fun?
    [2] I like what?

    Gerunds look like Present Participles:

    Gerund: Swimming is fun.
    => Subject. "Swimming" is a thing. A sport, a hobby, an interest.

    Present Participle: Swimming lessons are fun. / Lessons are fun.
    => Adjective. "Swimming" tells us what kind of lessons are fun.

    Present Participles: They are swimming.
    => "are swimming" is an action, not a thing.

    Present participles function as adjectives and as part of a verb. Gerunds cannot do that.

    What are some of the sentences you're working on now?

    Try out these sites:
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