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    You may keep my book.

    Here's the context: Supposing I gave a pen to my friend and he has forgotten to give it back to me. Then he suddenly rememers (the pen is not with him at the moment) and says "Oh, I've totally blanked and forgotten to give you the pen back! I'll bring it to you tomorrow." Can I say: "Oh, don't bother, keep it" with the meaning "It's yours now, I don't need it back"? Will he understand (if he is a native speaker, of course) that "keep it" means not "keep it for some time", but "it's your pen now (it's a little present)"
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    If I were a native speaker of English, I would never shut up. :-)

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    Re: You may keep my book.

    'Keep it' means you don't want it back (ever). A native speaker would understand it to mean that.

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