I've faced a problem of comprehending nowadays UK youth in chats and forums. It puts me on the thought, that knowledge we're acquiring in our university may be slightly outdated, and it will be useful to communicate with native speakers occasionally. It's an obvious idea, you say, but where are we supposed to get native English speakers deep in Russian province? That leads us to the theme of the thread. But in spite of equipment capability, teleconferencing is unusual practice in our university. I'd like to change it. So, I'm looking for community, or maybe several persons, who wouldn't mind to spend their own time on such event. Modern trend of immeasurable abbreviating and its origins may become the topic of first meeting, for example. As for me, it would be marvelous to commit these conferences on a constant basis. In that case I'm looking for people for long-term relations.

My e-mail [email protected], Skype silentlag. I will be grateful for any suggestions.
And of course I will follow this thread, if it won't be deleted as mismatching for this forum.